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Just a quick note when I’m thinking about it.   Recently I was configuring a mirrored SQL instance for a SCOM Management Group and ran into a couple of issues when testing the failover to the secondary copy.  In my defence, I hadn’t set up the SQL secondary node and so was informed everything had been done already 🙂

After a couple of minutes head scratching I remembered I’d encountered this before and realised it was probably one or two things:

  • permissions for the Service Accounts for the SCOM Management group weren’t configured on the Secondary SQL node.
  • Permissions on the Windows firewall

I connected to the secondary instance and absolutely found that the logins for the SCOM Service accounts weren’t configured.  I added the SQL logins to the Server Instance and checked the firewall – no problems there.  Tested the failover again and this time logged into the Management Group okay but came up with .NET CLR errors (33333) and was unusable.


After digging into the OperationsManager event log – I noticed errors to do with .NET CLR not being enabled.  Lightbulb, distant memories of this occurring before on a SCSM mirrored instance causing similar issues.  A quick google brought the SQL query to run against the OperationsManager Database to test what was currently enabled:

sp_configure 'show advanced options', 1;

This told me immediately that the secondary db instance wasn’t correctly configured as it showed a “0” – i.e. not enabled.

Running this query and then the above again to show the change has taken place:

sp_configure 'clr enabled', 1;
sp_configure 'show advanced options', 1;

This now correctly showed as “1” 🙂

Now able to log into the Management Group when running off the failed over SQL instance without a problem and no issues.

The reason for this two-pronged issue is because the installer configures the Databases and instance for the Primary Database instance only, the secondary database instance is created from a backup and of course is not in existence when the installer is run – hence having to run the configuration manually

SCOM & SCSM SQL Mirroring Configuration – .NET CLR Not Enabled on Secondary OperationsManager Database instance – Error 33333

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