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This is a common occurence and I’m not going to go through the manual process of configuring the SSRS server for the Reporting Code DLL when it is not placed on the Data Warehouse Management Serveras this can be found here:


But why would this occur when the Report Server IS located on the Data Warehouse Management Server?

We get the normal 33410 occur:


The error in more detail:


Again we have the error pointing to the fact that the SSRS services cannot locate the reporting code dll but everything is correct as per the technet support page with the DLL (correct version) and the config files configured correctly but the reports are empty:


The following Report Deployment shows the failures and the reson why no reports are deployed:


Scratching my head for a little while led me to checking everything else, SSRS Services, Permissions for the Data Reader Account etc. to make sure it wasn’t something obvious.

IT WAS 🙂 But isn’t it always when you have the answer 🙂

, Getting back to the DLL file – I examined the properties and found that the file was set to be blocked as it was copied in from another server.  This is odd but could be down to a specific circumstance regarding our automated installation process for the System Center Suite (please see http://www.poweronplatforms.com/system-center-automated-deployment/ for mor details) but remains a vaild occurence if copying from another server if configuring manually:



Going back to the Console – and selecting the “Restart Deployment” then resulted in the following events being generated:



And finnally reports being deployed to the servers  🙂


Hopefully that will save someone a few hours of headscratching and second guessing solid installation and adherance to TechNet procedures.



SCSM Report Deployment Failed – Error 33410 – No Reports in Service Manager 2012 and 2016

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