I am a Principal Consultant working for PowerOn Plarforms and generally spend my day either installing, fixing or extending either Service Manager, SCOM, Azure automation runbooks or Scorch Runbooks with a good measure of PowerShell thrown in .  I started my professional career as a desktop engineer and then made the natural progression to the server field where I came across my beloved SCOM.  The rest is history – I made a move to the consulting profession and have since installed and configured SCOM in many different guises, from 20 server installs to 2500 server strong multi-tennant environments in the cloud.

I also now work with Azure and OMS on a daily basis, and am one of the Service Manager Specalists within the team so a lot of the blogs and posts here will be a mixture of SCOM, OMS, SCSM, PowerShell and Orchestrator, SMA and Azure Automation with probably a few elements of the other System Center Components thrown in for good measure.